Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Mademoiselle in London

I’ve been living in London on my own for a month and in my humble opinion, I’ve adjusted rather well. The tube is no longer a psychedelic spiderweb I can’t decipher, I can almost always remember which side to look at when crossing the street, and walking is my new cardio... right after shopping.

Without counting my obsession when it comes to trying almost every restaurant in London, my touristing along with my blogging has been dire. My biggest achievement so far has been visiting Hampton Court Palace (which is breathtaking), Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (biggest tourist trap) and pinpointing the biggest mall in Europe where I make sure to spend most of my leisure afternoons in when I don't have class.

With the help of London Select aka my new best friend, I've decided to spice it up.

First stop, breakfast at The Wolseley. The day was simply too hot for me to have porridge as the guide suggested so I settled for a lighter fare of bacon, sausage and eggs and of course, a pain au chocolat that seemed to be made of air.

Never having heard of The Wolseley, I can safely say that the old world ambiance, undeniable chicness that reigned every table and a staff that made it impossible to feel unattended, I will be returning.

Although not on the guide, I had originally planned to see Kate Middleton's dress at Buckingham Palace but tickets are sold out until next week. I caught the change of the guard. When they started playing songs of Phantom of the Opera, I decided once again that London continues to be made of awesome.

Instead of boiling myself alive taking the tube, I opted to stroll down St. James Park and head towards the London Eye which you could easily see at a distance. Without a map, getting there becomes tricky especially if your inner GPS is as bad as mine. After much wandering around and getting on the mini oven that was the tube, I found it.

 The queues weren't too long and I got on the famous London Eye in less than half an hour. I already want to do it again.

Getting to see the city from such heights left me breathless. I couldn't pay attention to my fear of heights or the heat that seeped through the glass. All I could think of is... I am in London. I live in London. I get to work on a professional kitchen, studying p√Ętisserie twice a week. I get inspired by my surroundings that I write on a daily basis. I get to cross the Millennium Bridge that had been featured in so many movies and even in my own incomplete novels. I get to see St. Paul's Cathedral up close, stop dead in my tracks and be mesmerized.

I am lucky.